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Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra are known for their strong bond in Bollywood. Both the actors began their career 6 years ago, together with the movie, ‘Ishaqzaade’. Their chemistry onscreen was commendable. The duo is returning with their upcoming movie, Namaste England.
The actors are now appearing in different media houses and sets for the promotion of their movie.
It should be noted that both the actors have faced criticism and hatred both on social media platforms. Be it posting photo shopped pictures of Parineeti or defending sisters in case of Arjun Kapoor. The actors have suffered a lot mentally.
Initially, both the actors have faced a lot of body shaming. Both Parineeti and Arjun spoke about how the actors are disrespected nowadays. Parineeti said, “In my 6 year career, I have seen a major change. Where there should be appreciation for someone's action, there is a lot of trolling. Cameras are always rolling. Disrespect for actors is increasing by the day, and it hurts.
When asked about the same, Arjun expressed his side of story and said, “People don't write nasty things for their sisters. If I write something about you on your building notice board, I know what you will feel. But people do think twice before writing nasty comments from the anonymous accounts.
Constructive criticism is good, but getting personal is hurtful. You can say the same thing in a very dignified way. But we have learned our lessons the hard way - we have now become thick-skinned. Trollers write nasty stuff and media amplifies it. You shouldn't do it.
We are here to entertain. Earlier we were not tangible, but now we have become a commodity for people to consume 24/7. We have become accessible [on social media] and that gives negative people a high. Earlier there was an aura around the celebrities, but now since we are readily available to the people, they indulge in instigating us.”
Arjun and Parineeti both had the same views for the hatred that the actors face sometimes. Be it just getting clicked by the photographers. If they say no to someone, the next day that becomes an issue of concern for the whole nation.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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