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Bollywood celebrities have started speaking on the allegations that are put by the actress Tanushree Dutta on the veteran actor Nana Patekar. As the actress recalled and told that the actress’s car was attacked after she was sexually harassed by the veteran actor Nana Patekar.
The actress told the media how badly she was treated on the sets of the movie, ‘Horn OK Pleassss’ where she was shooting for a song for the movie. She told media that her car was attacked by the mob that was paid by the actor or producer of the movie.
Amidst the incident and the stories of it, Bollywood actress Daisy Shah also spoke up for Tanushree Dutta as she as one of the assistant choreographers on the sets of the movie and also taught the dance steps to the actress.
Daisy Shah gave a diplomatic answer where she did not say anything about Tanushree being right or wrong but she said that she sympathizes with the actress.
Daisy Shah says that she was present on the set that day. She said, “I was just an assistant choreographer who knew nothing about what all was happening. I have nothing to say about it. My job over there was only to teach steps. I wasn’t the part of the internal conversation of what was happening and not happening. I was just like a random person who was shooting on that film.”
When asked if Tanushree seemed upset about anything while filming the song, Daisy said, “I wasn’t only concentrating on one artiste; there were 30 other dancers on set. I wasn’t even in the position where I could even speak or I had to even notice anything because I was so busy with my own work. My all sympathies are with Tanushree but I swear I know nothing about it.”
So far, two eyewitnesses in the matter—Janice Sequeira and Horn OK Pleassss assistant director Shyni Shetty-- have come forward and confirmed the veracity of Tanushree’s claims.
Nana has denied the allegations. His lawyer recently issued a statement saying that they are in the process of sending the legal notice to Tanushree for making false statements
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Author: Akshita Jain
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