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Every person is in need of some inspiration to keep them going in the tough and hard times. There are people who get inspiration on just reading some inspirational stories or sayings. Every person wants to perform his best in every field he can but sometimes they fail to do so. But this failure is temporary. No one is born winner or failure; it’s their attitude that makes them one.
Below are some of the very inspiring quotes by famous people-
This quote from Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad is everything that you need on your dull day. Rightly said, success stories will tell you about the good times in the life of the person but the failure stories will tell you how you can divert your path from failure to success.
A quote that is enough for you to know that running away from your challenges will surely lead to your failure but fighting with that fear of failure is necessary. At least have the courage to face your challenges and that courage will pave the path to your achievement.
We all know how many times we are belittled and mocked by others who do not believe in our capabilities or doubt them. Let them say what they want to, do not get affected. Work hard in silence and let your success make noise.
Who do you think losers are? Someone who cannot succeed in life? No! They are people who are yet to realize their potential. People who accept their defeat in the first attempt are failures. Try and try until you succeed. What if you fail in the first, second or third attempt, you will surely succeed in the next attempt.
Never be in impression of the happenings in your past. Past is something that should not affect your present or future.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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