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Have you ever witnessed a newly born baby’s face? Did you have the curiosity for the same? I don’t know if anybody does it but I always notice a baby’s facial expression as soon as they are born. You are never disappointed with the looks. Either they are decently looking at you or they are crying constantly. But some kids have weird expressions.
Now apart from expressions babies are so tender and small that sometimes they start looking like old people. They will look at you and you will feel as if an old granny or your grandfather is staring at you.
While every baby is cute and charming enough to steal your man or woman, some of them look so old; they could call their fathers 'Son.'
So we are here with a collection of some such hilarious pictures in which youngsters who came out of the womb already complaining about room temperature and playing bingo, and it's just what you need on a slow Monday morning.
"And you kids keep your bicycles off my lawn!"
OMG... young Putin in his chubby days...!!?!
15 Minutes Old And Already Tired Of Your Sh*t!
If somebody asked if that was my baby, I would lie and say it belongs to a friend.
Put a professor's robe on him and he can teach at Hogwarts.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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