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The festive season has arrived and we are all set with open arms to welcome happiness and happy times with our loved ones. So to welcome the festivities, we must also take care of our home and get it ready for the festivals.
Here are some tips for refurnishing and re decorating our homes. So let’s us start with filling our homes with lots of colours.
1. Fill your home with colours
Adding colours to the room adds a story to it. Make you’re a place where you would love to visit again. Do use the showpieces or statement lamps in the corners of the room or on the side of the beds. Place the decorative cushions, pottery, rugs, old photographs, memories and souvenir in their right places.
2. Keep moisture away
It is important to keep the rooms away from moisture. The dampness in the walls in the monsoon season can destroy your furniture. Remember to place the sofas, beds and wardrobes at least six inches away from walls. Let the sunlight in, keep those windows open and allow for the dampness to dry and recede.
3. Fragrant fresh
Who doesn’t love a room full of fragrance? Monsoon season gives rise to humidity and that humidity, in turn, leaves the furniture smelly and same happens with the carpets and cushions. Use scented candles and other fragrances like the power of flowers to weave magic into the festive décor. A big urn of mogra and rose petals will swoon your senses.
4. Rearrange the living room furniture
Rearranging the furniture can change the way your space looks entirely. You can completely change the setting of the furniture and add or remove some pieces of furniture according to your need. Make it cozy and comfortable for guests and family to huddle together and laugh away.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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