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Do you often feel stressed in your office? Do you feel like having a break but you can't because you are not allowed to? We all go through the same situation every day.
There are times when you need to rest your brain and indulge yourself in some other activity to make yourself feel free from the pressure of work. So, keeping all the aspects in mind, we have some ideas for you to cheer yourself up during the boring routine of your office.
Here we go!
1. Listen To Some Music
Music is something that can relax your brain and body in ways you cannot imagine. It is scientifically proven that music can music can even change your mood in just a few minutes! It is recommended that you listen to music and avoid the unwanted negative vibes from the surroundings. This will be great for your mood and will help you de-stress.
2. Watch Some Cute Videos
We all know how distressing, babies and kittens can be, right? Who else ends up aww-ing after watching these videos? I see many hands there!The beauty of these videos is the innocence and cuteness in the videos that really takes away your tension. So, from next time you don’t feel like working or are in a bad, stressful mood, google some cute videos and we are sure you will end up craving for a pup or baby, lol.
3. Exercise Or Yoga
Stretching out while sitting in the office can help you in distressing yourself. It is impossible to perform yoga in the office but you can definitely go for some stretching while you are in your chair. You can also go for a little walk inside the office and then stretch.
4. Indulge In Your Comfort Food
Another way of letting your stress go is the good food. This good food can really be de-stressing for your body and mind both. Do keep in mind that you don’t follow this one way too much or you might face digestion issues. A little waffle or fries in the office never hurt anyone.
5. Little Talk Time
Have a small good conversation with your colleague in the office who you feel has the same tastes or interests as you do. Talk to them about your favourite movies or series, your taste in music. This will give you a chance to share what is going on in your mind and you will eventually feel better. Grab some juice or fruits from the canteen and you are set to go for a ‘healthy conversation’ now!
What do you do in order to destress? Let us know in the comments below.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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