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It is really difficult to maintain a perfect skin care regime these days. You get to hear different versions of routines from different people but you know the best for your skin. If certain skin care product suits your skin then use it otherwise switch to a better one.
Choose the products according to your skin type. People with dry skin use different products from those who have oily skin. No one can understand the pain of the ones with oily skin the in the humid weather of monsoon. But we understand what pain you have to go through! So, we are here with some points for you to follow.
Avoid using the following ingredients in your diet if you have oily skin.
1. Alcohol-based products
Alcohol-based products dehydrate the skin. Although products like toners can help to get rid of the excess oil from your skin, it can actually have an adverse effect. Sometime it can strip the top layer of the skin which can lead to irritation.
2. Oils
Oil consists of Oleic acid, which is a fatty acid. Having too much oil can lead to breakout on your skin. It is advised to stay away from coconut oil, sunflower oil and other oils.
3. Greasy ointments
Your hair product can also be the case of the oily skin. Don’t believe that? Thick and creamy hair pomades can cause acne—especially if you have bangs or a fringe or any style in which your hair touches your skin. All these products block the skin pores which leads to irritation and hence pimples.
4. Beeswax
People with oily skin understand the problem of using moisturizer on their face. They know how difficult is to manage the sweat trickling down from the face. Make sure to stay away from ingredients like beeswax that’s an occlusive. Occlusives stop hydration due to their heavy and greasy texture. This can form a second layer on top of your own, leading to acne and pimples.
Now that you know what not to use, here’s what you should use:
Organic cleansers
Aloe vera
Grape seed
Latic acid
Glycolic acid
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Author: Akshita Jain
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