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With the advancement of the technology in the 21st Century, not a single person’s life is private. Having an account on social platforms can be really dangerous to you and your children.
Today, we are talking about how safe are your children from social media and cybercrimes. Before you hand over a mobile phone or a computer in your child’s hand, you must know that there are a few things that they need to know.
Teach your child safe internet practices and approach parents and mentors if they encounter strange behaviour online. Internet safety and cyber bullying are major concerns for parents, coupled with ransomware attacks, key logging, software attacks and adware, which are giving them sleepless nights.
You all must have head the name of the game, Blue Whale Challenge, right? That was something that was enough to destroy a person’s life. We must enlighten our children with the right knowledge and danger that are present in the virtual world.
If your children are quite young and you want them to stay away from the internet and other platforms then make sure that you keep tight passwords on such accesses.
If your children are having an account on social media platforms then guide them for the same. Tell them to keep their profile visible to just to their friends and not even to friends of friends. Teach them to not share the address or any other personal information with anyone over the internet.
Keep in mind that if you are posting on the social media that will not be just with you but with anyone over the net. So if it’s private, don’t share it! And never agree to meet in person someone you’ve met online.
Make sure to password protect your phone or any other device in use. And lock it when they’re not using it. Don’t click on suspicious-looking links. If something appears strange, ask a parent or teacher if it’s okay to click on it.
In the end, always log out your account from any device that you log in! It is very important to keep them logged out when not in use or any other person could misuse that account.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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