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Do you prefer long locks or short hair? Just like other girls, I too dream of longer hair. But do you know what does it take to grow long healthy hair?
Waiting for your hair to grow can often be frustrating, and it's easy to put off getting trims when you're dreaming of longer locks.
You all must have heard your elders saying that cutting your hair often can get them to grow healthy and longer. But no one told us the exact time in which they should be cut.
Celebrity hair stylist Christine Symonds, who looks after the hair of Chelsea Handler and Kaley Cuoco, explains that there is a fine line between giving it a chance to grow steadily and letting it get too damaged. She said, “If you get your hair cut too often during the grow-out process, you are just cutting off the new length.”
The experts say that you should get your hair cut in every 12-16 weeks, if you want to grow them long and fast. If you don’t cut your hair for too long then they the damaged portion will be more if you got them cut in time. So, this will result in removal of more hair.
As always there is also an exception to the hair growth. If you don’t get longer hair even after you cut them in every 16 weeks, you can use other hair supplements like peppermint oil, which stimulates the scalp, potentially boosting growth.
Also, take care of your hair and avoid using heated styling tools as these cause damage.
So hopefully if you follow this advice, you’ll have a few more inches by the summer.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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