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We all have come across many myths and superstitions in life but you won’t believe some traditional myths that you still follow. Do you know there are certain myths related to the house cleaning that you still did not know about and you followed thinking of them as true?
Common house cleaning methods may not always give you clean air to breathe. Combat indoor air pollution with smarter ways to remove hidden dust in surfaces and corners.
Here are some cleaning myths that you should know about-
* Myth 1: Feather dusters dust
The feather duster that we use in the house to dust the dirt off from the furniture and curtains are not actually the right way of cleaning. They are soft and fluffy but contrary to their name, feather dusters don't really do much than just spreading the dust around. Use a vacuum cleaner instead which is actually versatile and has the power to suck the dust. It even sucks the dust that is not visible to eyes.
* Myth 2: Fragrant scents equal to cleanliness
It is a common misconception that the air fresheners work as air cleaners because they do not. They just work to mask the odour from the space. However, the chemicals given off by scented candles and air fresheners are known to be a prominent indoor air pollutant.
* Myth 3: Too much vacuuming ruins your carpets
It is also a misconception that carpets get ruined if they are vacuum cleaned several times a week or month. But they are meant to be cleaned every day or at least thrice a week. Leaving the dirt for long can damage the carpet and also become a breeding ground for bacteria.
* Myth 4: If your windows and doors are shut, your home is free from pollutants
It is thought that keeping the doors and windows shut can keep the place free from dust and pollutants. Not only do outdoor pollutants and dust particles seep into your home every time a door is opened. The indoor pollutants come from the use of cleaning agents, cooking fumes, indoor paints, pet dander, and pollen from plants. It is advisable to use an air purifier for keeping the air in your house clean.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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