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Have you ever experienced bloated tummy sometimes even if you did not eat much? Bloating is common when you overeat and at the times of your period but it can also happen when you eat some specific food items.
This bloating is not just related the food items that we are allergic to but beyond that. These are best avoided so that your tummy doesn’t bloat. Here are a few foods that could cause bloating and must be excluded from your diet or at least reduced.
1. Dairy- Whenever you consume any dairy product, the lactose present in it reaches the large intestine where the gut ferments it. This process leads to bloating. You can give a try to almond milk and nut milk instead.
2. Sodas- Consuming soda can lead to bloating because the fizz in the soda gets trapped in the stomach that causes gas. Instead of consuming soda switch to detox water (water with fruit, cucumber or lime).
3. Artificial Sweeteners- The aspartame and sucralose in sweeteners are hard to digest and that causes bloating.
4. Salty Food- Too much water can also cause bloating and same is the case with salt which causes water retention and hence bloating. Minimise the amount of salt that you eat daily.
5. Alcohol- If you drink alcohol mixed with juices and sodas then you are consuming a lot of sugar which is hard to digest and results in bloating.
6. Wheat- Wheat is gluten loaded and can make you feel bloated. The amount of carbohydrates present in wheat is hard to digest.
So, now that you know which food item can cause bloating, try to avoid them as much as you can. Not all food items can be avoided as they are important for health as well but you can avoid extra intake of these food items to avoid bloating.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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