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The art of tattooing is really exciting and surreal; imprinting something on a body that is going to become a part of them is something that needs a lot of conviction and experience as well. Generally, Tattoos are categorized into three segments: Purely Decorative, Symbolic and Pictorial. This beautiful was earlier associated with people who are uncivilized but as the time passed by, people started understanding it’s concept and beauty and today around 35 percent of world’s population is INKED.
This enticing art is evolving with each passing day; people are going beyond the set limits to bring in more styles and signatures to blossom the tattoo culture.
Nowadays, people are getting very much attracted to the minimalistic tattoos. Minimalism in visual art, generally referred to as "minimal art", "literalist art" and "ABC Art", this art emerged in New York in the early 1960s as new and older artists moved toward geometric abstraction; exploring via painting in the cases of Frank Stella, Kenneth Noland, Al Held, Ellsworth Kelly, Robert Ryman and others; and sculpture in the works of various artists including David Smith, Anthony Caro, Tony Smith, Sol LeWitt, Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, Donald Judd and others. Minimalism is a style that uses lines, vectors, geometric shapes, and tiny pictures. Most minimalistic tattoos used to be in black and white but there are more and more colorful elements.
Here are some of the best minimalistic tattoos that you can try when you decide to get inked :-
1). Let The Flowers Bloom
2). Adorbs Level: MAX!
3). Memories Can Be Inked Too
4). Aspire And You Will Be There
5). Proses And Roses
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- Shivam
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