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We know how important is the first day for us at any new place, be it office, college or school, every new experience beholds a new journey and a new adventure in itself. Same is the case with children.
Kids are small and innocent. They are nervous and scared more than excited. So it is their parent’s responsibility to make them feel relaxed and comfortable with the new changes around them.
Here are a few things that parents’ of the new primary school beginners should remember.
1. Talk to your child
Keep talking to your child about it way before the D-day comes. You can tell them all the exciting things that will happen - new friends, play times, learning loads of new stuff - as well as all the things that you loved about starting school.
2. Label everything!
It is important that you label everything that you can that your child carries to the school. It can be really confusing for your child to differ his things from the rest of the kids. You must be remembering the same cartoon printed tiffin boxes in the classroom with 20-30 kids. So it is good that you label everything he carries.
3. Get to know the teacher... but not too much
While it is important to know your child’s teacher it is also necessary to understand that the teacher is related to the education of your child and should be contacted when you face any difficulty regarding your child’s performance. But keep in mind not to extend relations with the teacher too much.
4. Read to your child every night
If you develop a habit of reading books and stories to your child before sleeping, he/ she will get into the habit of doing the same afterward and will quickly acquire some good knowledge. Take trips to the library and pick out ones that either you know they'll love or books with covers which catch their eye.
5. It will be emotional
Yes! It will be emotional for you to leave your child at school for some hours. You will be worried and excited all at the same time. The best way to deal with these is to see your child in the classroom, wave them off, don't linger and definitely wait until you're back in the car before you start blubbing!
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Author: Akshita Jain
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