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Rapper Badshah is trending in the Bollywood industry for the variation he gives to the music and rap. Unlike other rappers, this rapper does not objectify women and believes that censorship is subjective. Badshah in an interaction with reporters at Srinagar said that he has taken musical liberties but he never tried to hurt other’s feelings.
"Censorship is subjective as some people may like something which the others may not or some may feel that something is wrong, but I will not feel like that. Having said that, I am from a family where I have a mother, a sister, a wife and a daughter. I would never ever dare to objectify anyone who has fed me, protected me or loved me.”
"I have never deliberately tried to hurt someone's sentiments. Yes, I have taken some musical liberties and used some banters which my friends also use. I feel that I am sort of a family rapper," he said.
Talking more about Bollywood and the increasing rate of nepotism, the rapper gives his views on the same. He said, “I think the debate around nepotism is futile because I am an outsider and I know that there is no compensation of talent. I have been offered films because of my work and my talent. I have no relation with any Johar or Chopra. So, I think the talent, wherever it is be it -- Kashmir or Kanyakumari or Delhi -- will emerge. Yes, it may take some more time, but it will emerge.”
Talking about a place like Kashmir, which is beautiful than any other part of the country but at the same time is also very different from the central parts of the country when it comes to rap culture. Badshah said that people should use rap to express their views. "Rap is a voice which can be used anyway. I was born in Delhi but grew up in Chandigarh, so I write about the machismo of Punjab because it was around me. In Kashmir, the situation is something else. There are hartals and protests and those who have been born here are the representation of this society. But I am happy that there is rap culture in Kashmir now. I feel the youth of Kashmir did not have a voice and when someone who feels oppressed gets a voice, then a revolution comes. I will have to see how the youth here use this genre for their betterment and the betterment of their society because people here are good here but infrastructure is needed,” Badshah said.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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