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Just like Valentine's Day which is celebrated almost all over the world, Chinese Valentine's Day is also celebrated in the same manner. This year is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month. There is a long story behind this practice. There were two people who do not get together. This festival is celebrated to embrace this meeting.
In this period, the Chinese couple, to get their perfect match, go to the temple and make a prayer for themselves on behalf of the pastor. In this, on the other hand, those who are not married, do their best to get a good life partner for themselves.
In olden days, girls used to weave so that they can support their family with it. This used to prove their brilliant capabilities but today, girls try their lucks in other some other way. According to the Chinese Mythology, girls used to put a needle in the water when the Vega star was in its full form.
In this process, if the needle floats on the water then the girl is capable enough to marry someone who would be the perfect match for her. This also means that the girl is ready to be married and can also wish something. Only one wish can be granted in one year.
According to another practice, people of China celebrate it because it is considered to be an omen of flowering on the head of a bull, while on Valentine's night, women wash their hair at night to bring new shine in their hair, while children wash their face on the morning of Valentine that too with water kept overnight.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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