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The date, 9th August holds a very important position in the Indian History. A day, without which it would have been impossible for the Indians to witness Independence. This day was deemed as a day for people, of people and by people. Not just a single person or leader, but even common men came out on roads to fight for the independence of their nation.
Let’s us find out some more important facts about this day-
1. The responsibility of fighting for independence was not just limited to the selected people now, but every single resident of the country wanted their country to be free from the foreign rule. The picture that showed people on the roads marching for independence was quite interesting.
2. This day, ‘August Kranti’ came into being 5 years before Independence, i.e. in the year 1942. The slogan, ‘Bharat Choro’ was given in this year only.
3. This was the only revolution where people were their own leader. The Youth Wing of the Congress Socialist Party was very active at that time. But for some reason, they had to work on the ground and therefore all the responsibility came to the general public.
4. For the Congress, the movement did not succeed in bringing all the parties under one flag. Muslim League, Indian Communist Party and Hindu Mahasabha opposed this call. On August 8, 1942, the All India Congress Committee passed the resolution of the Quit India Movement in the Bombay Session.
5. The British government was already alert about this, so the next day Gandhi was imprisoned at Aga Khan Palace in Pune. All the activists of the Congress Working Committee were arrested and locked in the Ahmednagar Fort. Almost all the leaders were arrested but the young leader Aruna Asaf Ali did not come in hand and on 9th August, 1942, he foiled the tricolor in the Gwalia Tank ground in Mumbai and made a concoction of Gandhiji's Quit India Movement.
6. This was the only movement that became a headache for the British. There was a lot of rage among people. Let's say that due to this movement, India has got independence.
7. During this time many leaders from the Congress were arrested and cut off from the world till 1944. Gandhi ji was also arrested due to this movement, and his condition in the jail was very disturbed. But Gandhi ji kept the movement going. This one Movement had suppressed the British.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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