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The best way to enjoy the essence of the relationship is through communication. It is the most important thing in a relationship as it will help you to understand each other and then work and shed light on things that are important in life. Today we will be talking about the questions that the couple should ask in order to build trust in a relationship.
Here is the list of five questions.
#1 How close are you with your family.
The reason why you should ask this thing is that you get to know about the background of the family and also about the culture.
#2 What do you find hard to talk to me?
This is the most important question as many people find it hard about talking on certain issues, however, on a serious note you have to be quite clear about the things that are important.
#3 What is one thing you want to change in the relationship?
This will help you to know what kind of things your partner wants you to stop or change in a relationship. You need to have a clear about the things that are becoming an issue in a relationship.
#4 What was the last thing you cried about?
This question will help you know about the emotional quotient of your partner and talk about an event that is something painful will help you to build trust.
#5 What’s your take on our relationship?
This question will help you to understand how much serious your partner is in a relationship and what are the future plans that he/she has made for future.
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Author: Amit Singh
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