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Do you know how gross can your nails be? We are talking about when you have them all clean according to you! Yes, they look so gross under a microscope that you won’t put your finger inside your mouth ever again.
This damage to the nails and cuticles are not just the damage done in a few months. It’s a process of years and especially when you use gel nail polish for years.
A Melbourne-based You Tuber, Tina Yong, shared a video on her channel to show the actual state of her nails after years of gel manicures.
She disgusted her followers when she took a look at her skin, eyes and eyelashes with and without makeup under a microscope, with many declaring it 'scary' and 'freakishly satisfying'.
In the video she says that she hasn’t had bare nails for years now. It’s been six years that she had removed hernia polish. She then focused on the underneath of her nails under the microscope.
'Oh my god, that's so bad. Look at my ring finger! There's so much fluff and little hairs stuck underneath,' she remarked.'And how much dead skin do I have underneath my nails? It looks like Ice Age! It's like lots of icebergs around my cuticles.'
'I'm going to compare the nails with gel polish on with the ones that I've removed. You can see it looks pretty damaged,' Tina said. 'This is how it always looks when I remove my gel polish. They look scratched and thin.'
'Usually, if you use normal polish, your nails won't look like this when you remove it. They will still look smooth, even and you wouldn't see these little white bits. But when you use gel, this is what happens.'
Tina concluded by saying that we all need to 'give our fingers a big scrub', and she was off to 'put a lot of cuticle oil on my nails'.
Her followers commented on the clip saying her nails looked 'fragile as hell', and that they would 'never put their fingers in my mouth again'.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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