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People nowadays have switched to a vegan diet. Vegan food is healthier as compared to the non-vegan diet, as per what the experts say. But then other studies have also found that apart from the health benefits the vegan diet also has potential downsides.
For a healthy mind and body, people prefer a vegan diet but sometimes they miss onto the important nutrients that are found just in a non- vegan diet.
Let us find what impact the vegan diet has on us-
1. You may lose weight
As the vegan food is rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, vegans feel more satiated after consuming it. A study conducted on women found that women who eat fruits in their diet have 28% fewer chances of gaining weight as compared to those who do not.
2. You may lower your risk of disease
One of the biggest benefits of the vegan diet is that they protect you against the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. A substance, phytonutrient is found in fruits and vegetables which provides various health boosts. Another study showed how people who were on a vegan diet lowered their cholesterol by up to 35 percent and total cancer risk to about 15 percent as compared to meat eaters.
3. You might have better bone health
After great data conflictions, it was found that vegan eaters may have their bones protected from a decrease in bone mineral density, thanks to the low acid load in fruits and vegetables.
Now that we have learned about the benefits that vegan diet provides but let us look at the potential downside of the same.
4. You may feel hungry more often
Vegan diet fills you up early than you might get filled by non-vegan diet. A proper 300 calorie diet from the vegan diet is really far from the same calorie of non-vegan diet. In the vegan diet, you might miss onto some really important nutrients. If you have a bowl of oatmeal, add some nuts, chia seeds, cinnamon, and blueberries. Right there you took that bowl of cereal and made it much more nutrient dense.
5. You might make more frequent trips to the bathroom
People who consume high fiber, plant-based diet have their intestines cleaner than those who do not. Insoluble fiber holds more water, which can bulk up waste and help bowel movements pass more smoothly.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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