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The most beautiful feeling is when you are in deep love with your partner. Everything that is happening around is like a romantic movie which has both happy and sad moments. This artist has done an adorable project about joys of being in a relationship. Dina Odess who is a 27-year-old illustrator from Kazakhstan and is currently living and working in New York.
The artist has the passion of drawing since she was a child and the most impressive thing about her is that she didn’t have any art education but that didn’t stopped her expressing herself through art. "I tried my hand at a lot of things since then, like interior design (which I do for living now), graphic design, oil painting, printmaking, watercolor, lettering, fashion illustration, chalkboard drawing, 3d, calligraphy, dot art, pastel and so on and so forth," she wrote on her website.
Here is the list of cute illustration by the artist! Tell is in the comments section which one is your favourite?
#1 For all the women out there who loves to wear men's shirt.
#2 When sharing everything becomes a daily routine for the couple
#3 It happens every single day
#4 When the gossip doesn't stop even in kitchen
#5 And you might get such excuses from your partner
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Author: Amit Singh
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