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We know how conscious can someone having tummy fat can become. You can get tummy fat after and during pregnancy and even apart from it. The unhealthy lifestyle that people follow these days is resulting in more and more tummy fat gathering around the neck of the jeans. A swollen tummy during periods is also the same case.
All the reasons result in the rising conscious of the person wearing fitted clothes. To hide the unwanted tummy fat, one must go for the right way of shopping and wear clothes.
Here are a few tips that can help you in looking slim as you always wanted to be.
1. To deviate the attention of people from your lower body, you need to enhance the upper body look. This can be done by wearing dark clothes and bust prints on the upper body.
2. Avoid wearing shiny and bright clothes on your upper body.
3. Avoid wearing too tight and too loose clothes on your upper body. Tight clothes will highlight your tummy and loose will make your body look shapeless. Always wear medium fit clothes.
4. Try to wear body suits often. They give body a slimmer and sleek look.
5. While shopping for undergarments, shop for mid-rise panties and avoid buying high and low rise panties.
6. When you plan to wear traditional, go for high slit kurtis. This will help in concealing the tummy fat.
7. When you are buying body shapers, do not opt for a size smaller than yours, rather choose the one bigger from your size.
8. One of the best ways to hide the tummy fat is to layer. Layering divides the body into three parts and gives the body a slimmer look. For example, if you are wearing a contrast-colored jacket on your kurti or wear another kurta on your kurti. But the kurta should be of a different color and the buttons should be kept open.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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