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Workout helps the people in getting back in shape but workouts can be dangerous if the proper posture is not maintained while exercising. There are some minor mistakes in the body posture that can harm your health.
Here are the mistakes that you might be making-
* Jogging on your heels
While you run, make sure that you run on the support of the balls of your feet and not on the heels. Running on heels can lead to shin splinters, knee pain and other leg injuries.
* Bad neck positions
You must have noticed that people look down or straight ahead when doing squats, deadlift or push-ups. Next time you start working out, pack the neck, point chin down, make a double chin and keep it that way while you do your squats.
* Taking small steps when lunging
A common mistake that people make while exercising is that they keep their knees far ahead of their front foot which diverts the whole body weight on the knee. This can be dangerous for the body posture and can cause injury.
Here are some suggestions that should be kept in mind during workout-
1. Always keep in mind to take light breakfast before exercising. Exercising should not be done empty stomach as it can make you feel dizzy and lethargic.
2. Stretching should be done before exercising as directly exercising can lead to injury.
3. During exercise, heavy lifting is advisable with trainer's instructions only.
4. Exercising has to be in limit and as per capacity.
5. Workout makes the body smelly so take a shower after you workout. This will save you from infections.
6. Keep yourself hydrated to maintain water level in your body before and after workout.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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