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Lipstick adds to the beauty and glam to the face instantly. From drab to diva in no time is what lipstick does. The most important element in the list of make-up is the lip colour.
Lipstick not just adds to the beauty but also helps your skin get better. Yes! You heard it right! A study shows that lipstick can help in getting your skin better.
Here are some benefits of your favourite make-up element, lipstick-
1. A good lipstick not just provides colour to your lips but also protects them from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.
2. Lipsticks of high and good quality have Aloe Vera ingredients in it which helps in keeping the lips hydrated.
3. Applying lipstick can instantly uplift your mood. It makes you feel more empowered than the times when you are not wearing it.
4. Lipstick is the single element in your make-up box that can complete your look even when you are not wearing much make-up. Be it your professional meeting or your date night, a single stroke of your favourite colour is enough to make you look complete.
5. Lipstick not just brightens your smile but also makes you feel confident about yourself. You are perceived as more powerful and attractive to others.
6. Lipsticks speak a lot about one’s personality. While most of us (I am sure you all would agree) will have dozens of lip colours, there will be 3-4 pet colours most used and easily worn almost everywhere.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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