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Monsoon brings with it fresh air and happy rains. With rains, there comes dirt and mud to the house. A great way to combat this is through decor, specifically by incorporating a lot of colours. To avoid getting sick and to enjoy this weather a little more, here are a few things that you can do!
1. Outdoor furniture
You can enjoy the outdoor rains by renovating the outer space in your house. All you need to do is cover the space with inexpensive canopies and umbrellas and create a makeshift coffee/tea area. You can also add plants to the surroundings of your seating area. A hanging chair will be the best option to enjoy samosa and tea in the rainy evening.
2. De-clutter your space
Rainy season gives rise to increased moisture in the environment. This moisture gives rise to the fungus development on the furniture. Make sure that you place your furniture a little away from the walls. This will save them from moisture. Also, get the furniture coated with sealants so that the moisture does not settle on the product.
3. Buy right doormats
Investing in the high absorbent mats is the need of the present season. This will protect the house from getting dirty and muddy. You can buy a new mat or even make a new a mat yourself using old clothes. Ensure that they effectively camouflage the dirt and sludge that's left behind.
4. Grow your greens
It is the best time to grow shoots in your garden. Create your own kitchen garden and use the freshly grown veggies and roots in your daily routine. You can add pants to the house as well. Buy houseplants and place them in ceramic pots, glass vases, to give your home a pleasing appearance.
5. Say goodbye to odour
This season brings the muddy smell in the house. This season also brings with it a musty smell due to fungal infestation. To avoid the smell, combine lemon, rosemary, water and vanilla extract and put them in an old mason jar and your house will start smelling fresh in a few minutes.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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