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The marriage seems successful only if a man has done what he wanted to do in his bachelor's life. There are few things which a man cannot do after marriage and this is the reason why a man should do all things what he has dreamt of and learn few things to lead a happy marriage life.
These are a list of things which a man should do before marriage.
1) Go for a trip with friends.
Going for a trip with your friends is a good idea because you never know you will get a chance to go because you have to inform everything when where and why you are going?
2) Start saving
No matter how much you are spending but after marriage, a man has to give clarification about every penny he is spending.
3) Hobbies
Do what you love to do. It can be anything, your love for music, dance or photography. Because taking out time for your hobbies will be a tough job when you will have a lot of work to do from going market to handling every small thing in a house.
4) Cleanliness
This is one thing your partner will expect from you. You have to work on your habits of throwing things here and there and leaving things as they are for years. Because first thing your partner will want in the house is everything should be properly placed in the specific place.
5) Buy everything you have dreamt of!
Yes, you heard it right! Buy everything you have dreamt of like a branded watch, I phone or a sports bike because after marriage spending money on these will be considered as the only waste of money.
6) Learn to say sorry
We, men, are egoistic but when it comes to living your life with your wife, everything which goes wrong is just because of you and you have to apologize about it and say sorry.
7) Learn to cook
It can be a plus point if you know how to cook because the time has changed and your wife can ask you to cook food. And if you don't know cooking then the battle will start.
Like, comment and share with your friends who are unmarried so that they can do all these things and also learn few.
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