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Sachin Tendulkar's son was compared to Justin Bieber in terms of looks last year in September. This happened again when Justin Bieber made his debut appearance in India. People on social media started trolling Justin Bieber for his lip-sync performance and then series of tweets started coming that Arjun Tendulkar is a look alike of Justin Bieber. There were people on social media who were saying that if Justin Bieber had to do lip sync to his song, it would have been better if Arjun Tendulkar would have done the show.
Soon on twitter series of pictures were uploaded which shows how similar they look.
This is how twitter reacted to it when this uncanny resemblance became trending once again on twitter.
1) Arjun Tendulkar goes to witness the show on crutches
2) Why is Sachin Tendulkar hugging Justin Bieber? :D
3) Ditto
4) Ram Aur Shyam
5) And there was a Multiple Choice Question
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