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Monsoon brings rains with it. With rain come the moisture, humidity, sweat and stickiness in the environment. This moisture and stickiness increases manifold the chances of fungus and moulds. So, monsoon demands a great deal of attention for feet.
Here are some tips that can help in keeping your feet happy.
1. Exfoliate
For soft and clean skin, scrub your feet with a foot scrubber or a pumice stone. This will remove all the dirt and dead skin. The dead skin cells tend to harden the feet and lead to cracks. This will keep your feet clean and devoid of dead skin.
2. Keep your feet moisturized
After you wash your feet, remember to moisturize them with a foot cream. You can use olive and almond oil as a moisturizer. Almond oil is a natural foot lotion which should be applied evenly all over the feet before going to bed.
3. Foot therapy
Foot soaks, scrubs and healing creams should be used to restore the smoothness of your feet. Make yourself feel relaxed by soaking your feet in warm water with salt added to it. You can add fresh aqua scents for aroma. Foot scrubs contain healing oils such as that of jojoba and sunflower along with vitamin E. They replenish the moisture lost and also make your footpad supple.
4. Foot mask
Just like you apply face and hair mask, foot mask can also do wonders and make your feet happy. It helps in soothing the skin and soft to touch. The right foot mask will not only exfoliate skin but will also provide deep penetrating moisture
5. Dry your footwear in the sun
monsoon brings a lot of dirt in the house with your shoes. Not just your feet but also your shoes demand great attention in monsoon. Always wash your footwear regularly and dry them under sun. Placing shoes in a dark moist place can give rise to bacteria and fungus.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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