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Most of the people have experienced being in a relationship or being with that one person who is meant to be yours. Relationship is not at all about physical intimacy but beyond that. It is about how you understand someone and you both just click! So, is there any fixed formula for a long-lasting love?
Let us know.
1. You encourage each other
A good partner is someone who encourages the other one in every situation. Even if it is learning a new thing or achieving something great. A good partner will always support you through thick and thin.
2. They look into each other’s eyes
Looking into your partner’s eyes shows your love and confidence in the other person. The more you interact looking in your partner’s eye throughout the day, it shows the trust and comfort level that you share.
3. You can be yourself when you’re around them
There is no pretending when you are with your partner. Just be yourself even if you are sad, angry, happy or frustrated. Faking emotions can never help anyone. You know you are compatible for each other if you can be just yourself around each other.
4. You make it work, even if that means compromising
Every day is not a happy day in any relationship. Compromise shows your dedication towards the relationship and the person. It is more about mutual trust and understanding.
5. You text less and mean more
There are two types of couples, one like to explain so much in a single message and the other one types just a few words to say the same thing. It is all about the mutual understanding.
6. The kiss tale
The way they kiss can tell if they are in love with you or not. The way you kiss can tell whether it is love or just lust.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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