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Do you know that wearing perfume can damage the health of your unborn child?
Yes, you heard it right! Damage is not just limited by perfumes but even if you heat up food in plastic containers, you might be causing hazards to your unborn’s health.
This damage is reported to be caused to the brain development of the child. This has been proved by the study carried on rats.
A team at the University of Illinois fed cookies laced with chemicals used in plastic to pregnant and nursing mice. The results showed that the off springs that were not exposed to the chemicals were more cognitively sharp.
Lead author Dr Janice Juraska said that she would now urge pregnant women to avoid plastics and fragrances of any kind. “We pay a price for the convenience of modern life. We need to work out when the price is too high,” Dr Juraska said.
Urine samples from local pregnant women were collected to determine what kinds of chemicals have affected them and their fetus.
The pregnant female rats that were fed the cookies were kept under the observation of the team for the complete gestation period and 10 days after they gave birth. The off springs were monitored for the rest of the lives and it was seen that the cognitive abilities of the babies were slow. “It affected their ability to be flexible,” Dr Juraska said.
Dr Juraska said there is no point suggesting a ban on these chemicals. “We are not going to avoid them totally,” Dr Juraska conceded. “We have a hard time of banning things that aren't very immediately traumatic. This is a very long term thing.”
She advised, “My advice would be for pregnant women to avoid plastic, avoid heating thing with plastics and avoid fragrances and air fresheners. Unscented everything is just better, because fragrances often contain these chemicals.”
“Doing that, she insists, will 'minimize your exposure and minimize the exposure for the fetus. It will also minimize the exposure for infants in the house, how much they're breathing in or nursing. It's really an important thing. There's probably no potent time than early development.”
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Author: Akshita Jain
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