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You all must have been forced by your grandmother and mother to put coconut oil in your hair before washing them, right? This is because they know the real qualities hidden in it. Coconut oil has been used by generations for its various benefits. There are over 10 daily uses of the oil.
Let us know the ways in which coconut oil can be a pure bliss.
1. Haircare
The best and the oldest use of this oil is the hair care therapy. Coconut oil adds shine and strength to the hair strands. Applying coconut oil before washing hair can help in increasing the blood circulation and helps in replenishing the lost nutrients.
2. Joint pain
Coconut oil has been a proven remedy for joint pains. It helps in easing the pain in arthritis. It improves the ability to absorb calcium and magnesium in the bones.
3. Natural moisturizer
Coconut oil is beneficial in removing the dead skin cells from the skin. It is used to treat an array of skin problems such as dermatitis, eczema and sunburns. Skin type should be taken care of before applying any product on the face. A few drops of oil can help with the chapped lips.
4. Ideal for cooking
Coconut oil is least vulnerable to oxidation and this quality makes it an ideal oil for cooking.
5. Oral health
Oil pulling is an ancient technique wherein the oil is swished in the mouth for about 20 minutes. It helps in removing bacteria from the mouth and helps in keeping the gums healthy. This process can be done thrice a week.
Coconut oil is like a secret cure to various diseases. Next time you go shopping, pick a can of coconut oil for yourself.
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Author: Akshita Jain
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