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You might be the one who gets excited and with open eyes, you look your favourite superstar walk on the red carpet. The only thought that usually comes in mind is that there might be a deal between the designer and the celebrities… you give me the dress; I will give you the publicity.
However, this thing didn’t turn out quite well with the ace fashion designer Rohit Bal in a long post on his Facebook account asked Bollywood a question, “Why can’t these celebrities pay for what they wear like everyone else?’
Bal mentions, “Why can’t these celebrities pay for what they wear like everyone else and why are designers succumbing to this for momentary mileage? Surely the designer can sell her/his creation and garner some goodwill for her/his creativity. She/he need not piggy back to fame riding on the credentials of Bollywood. Fashion and film are two distinct industries that can complement each other without diluting their inherent DNA.
Often the designer hardly gets noticed for his work and it is the celebrity and stylist who walk away with accolades. If the style is not well received, the designer is ridiculed. Why is the apex designer body in this country allowing this exploitation and why aren’t there stringent rules in place protecting designers from such partiality?” The designer has blamed the film industry of exploiting designers.
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Author: Amit Singh
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