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Monsoon, no doubt, is the season of ‘chai’ and ‘pakoras’. We all want to get drenched in the rainwater and have fun in this season. But we forget is that with all the rain and changing the weather, ushers disease like viral fever, cold, flu, malaria. So, it is important to look after yourselves in the monsoon.
Here a few tips that can help you in keeping safe from the diseases.
1. Keep yourself hydrated
Keeping oneself hydrated is the most important thing to do in this season. Drink water but make sure that it is clean. Monsoon brings with it water-borne diseases, so avoid drinking water from roadside stalls and ‘Dhabas’. Drink only purified water.
2. Self-hygiene
It is important to take a bath every time you get wet in rain. Not doing this can lead to germ infections in the body. Rainwater is full of impurities and chemical affected sometimes. Avoid sitting in air-cooled rooms after you get wet in rain. This can get you sick.
3. Clean your house
Houses should be cleaned regularly and it should be taken care that no water clogging takes places in any part of the house. Water clogging can be a breeding ground for pests. So to avoid any disease like malaria, clean coolers, and ACs regularly.
4. Sunlight and air
Do not keep the room dark and dull. Always let the sunlight enter your room so that it kills the germs and reaches in every corner of the room. Keep the windows open to let the cross ventilation take place.
5. Immune Boosters
Pile on the immune boosters like lemongrass, nutmeg, tulsi, big cardamom. You can drink ginger tea when you get wet in rain.
Remember to keep yourself and the surroundings clean as much as possible. Keep sanitizer handy and stay back at home if you are sick.
Stay Healthy Stay Fit
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Author: Akshita Jain
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