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Planning your first trip with your boyfriend? You have to know that it is going to be the best time of your lives. This trip has to be special because is first time that the two of you will be together for a really long time without any other person or any distraction.
To make this trip enjoyable and to cherish the memories lifelong, make sure that you keep in mind the thing that you should be carrying for the trip.
1. Bring your own toiletries
Your hotel will obviously provide you with toiletries but you should carry your own tested soap and shampoos. Keep your unique aroma intact with your usuals.
2. Cute underwear
Carry a cute pair of shorts or underwear just in case you want to roam around in it with his t-shirt.
3. Sexy lingerie
Because you do not want to regret not keeping it, later! Right?
4. Pair of cute pajamas
Carry your comfortable pajamas and also ask him to keep one. Wear them when you want to take a walk at midnight at the beach or while you are in the room just having fun.
5. Razor
Be on a safer and side keep a razor with you. You never know when you get that unwanted hair.
6. Board games
You might face a situation when you both will start getting bored and you do not know what to do. This will be the right time to enjoy your board games. You can carry a deck of cards or any other game.
7. Date night outfit
Carry an elegant dress for your date night. This could be used at a romantic dinner or a dance night.
8. Condoms
Why just leave it to the boy? Carry your own pack of condoms and be safe.
If you think there should be something added to the list, do let us know in the comment section below.

Have A Happy Time!

Author : Akshita Jain
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