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The dressing and styling both come to a limit when it comes to monsoon. You really have to think what footwear and outfit would go together. Monsoon brings the gloomy time of the year which becomes a threat to fashion fun and experimenting.
Monsoon is the time wear light footwear to make your feet comfortable and infection free. You can give a fashionable twist to your boring monsoons by following these tips.
1. Wear the vibrant colours from your wardrobe. As the season itself makes everything gloomy, you can add a little bit of fun by adding vibrant colours to your outfit. You do not require a lot of accessories and this will instantly boost up your look. Add a pair of ballerina shoes to complete the look.
2. Prefer wearing flats and platform heels in place of pencil heels. This would make you avoid the chances to slip in this weather. The strappy sandals are good when the problem of mud puddle occurs. You can easily wash the mud off your footwear.
3. You can try gold foil prints this monsoon. Monsoon season calls for light material and pastel shades. These colours are pleasant to eyes. You can chose from a variety of colours like turquoise, dust pink, teal blue or bright pink for both outfit as well as the footwear.
4. This season calls for fun mix and match. Forget the dull layering this season and try layering with the quilted jacket. Buy some hues and forget the monsoon blues.
5. As for the footwear, team up your outfit with a pair of clogs or a pair of cute flip-flop during monsoon which can never go out of fashion.
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