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Have you ever come across someone or something that you least expect to cross your way? Well, this is what life is all about. You never know whom you bump into and what might happen to you.
Have you ever imagined bumping into your Ex on a random day?
Let us see what exactly do we think when we bump into our Exes.
1. Did he see me?
The very first thought that comes to your mind when you bump into him. Is there still any chance for you to escape or you have been trapped already?
2. How am I looking today?
Another thought that comes to the mind is, “How am I looking today?” Because girl, you don’t want him to cherish his decision of breaking up!
3. Does he look worse?
Seeing him gain a few inches or lose a few strands of hair can really cheer you up. You compare the times when you used to date.
4. Who is he with?
You really want to know the girl with him. “Is he his sister or some a new girlfriend?!” He definitely looks happy with her, must be her new girlfriend! *sigh*
5. A nod, handshake or side hug?
Will a nod be rude or will it show that his presence still matters to me? Will a hug show that I have moved on? Urgh…I wish someone made a rule book for exes!
6. Am I talking too much?
Does that show that I got all excited after seeing him and cannot control my joy? Should I just shut and leave already?
I bet you must have felt these emotions if you ever happened to fall in this situation.
Tag your friends in the post and let them know how exactly you felt while crossing paths with your ex.
Author- Akshita Jain
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