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Just like human beings animals also get attached to people and things. Only a pet owner can understand how deeply a pet loves the things it lives with. Be it their toys or utensils, their basket or even the person who takes them for walks.
Just like any other human being, even animals have feelings. They too have their likes and dislikes. Sometimes their way of expressing feelings is so adorable that it becomes difficult for us to control our Aww. Here are some pets who love their toys so much that they wouldn’t part with them even after years.
This little kitty has sworn to live with her toy for a lifetime. A picture when she was just one month old and now that she has turned 3 years old.
Mr. Carrot has always been Frank's favorite. Look at the joy in his eyes with his favorite toy.
One of my favorites in the list is this picture of a kitten hugging another kitten with another kitten in the toy's arms. Looks like three generations of the cat family.
It is Kaylee with her little polka dot puppy. Just from when the toy and the dog were of the same size till date
This little missy loves her duck toy so much that she refuses to sleep without it. Isn't this adorable?
I so want a doggo like this one, right now! That little baby face and those starry eyes! Truly in love.
Little doggie with his best friend, Panda.
Iris fell in love with the owner's stuff toy and it has been years but no one has seen them separate.
These were some cute pets and their toys who have been together for years and still have no plans to part away.
Tag your friends in the post and see how their dull day turns into a good one.
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