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Ravi Shastri has made team India team win crucial matches ever since he took the reign over as the Head coach of India in 2017. The attitude among the players has changed in a positive way which is certainly shown in the results. Now the Indian team is gearing up for the England tour and this is going to be probably a big challenge for Ravi Shastri as a coach. In a recent chat show, Breakfast with Champions hosted by Gaurav Kapoor, team India coach Ravi Shastri recollected some of his memories from past and expressed how it feels to be the head coach of India.
Pressure on him as a coach
When asked about how it feels like to be the coach of India and how much burden he has as a coach of Team India, Ravi said, “When he was playing for his country there was no pressure because there were other 10 guys to help you out but as a coach there is tremendous pressure on you and there is no skirt to hide behind or loo to run to.”
Job satisfaction as a chief coach of India
When Gaurav Kapoor asked what’s the job satisfaction as a coach of Team India, Shastri said, “If the team wins, job satisfaction is unbelievable, its challenge that I have taken.” When Gaurav Kapoor said that his biopic should be named as ‘Challenge Accepted’, Ravi said of course because he is a kind of person who loves to challenges in his life and that is something which keeps him focused.
Decency demands that you are Punctual: Shastri
Ravi Shastri has also worked as a manager for team India in 2007 and he has is a kind of a person who believes that punctuality is the key to success. Recalling one of the incidents in which team was all set to leave for the practice session in Chittagong, Bangladesh, and Sourav Ganguly failed to reach because he was late.
Explaining the incident on the chat show Ravi said,” I’m never the one to give excuses. For me, decency demands that you’re punctual. It’s a great quality to have, especially when you’re involved with a team. Even in the Indian team, punctuality is paramount. If the bus is scheduled to leave at 9, it will leave at 9.
“This was in Bangladesh back in 2007 when I became the manager. The first practice session was in Chittagong. We were supposed to leave at 9 and when I suggested we should leave, the local managers said Dada (Sourav Ganguly) didn’t arrive as yet. I said Dada can come in a car, let’s leave,” Shastri recollected.
2011 world cup was a bit challenging in comparison to 1983.
When Ravi was asked about the difference between 1983 world cup and 2011 world cup victory, he said, “1983, the pressure wasn’t that much, no one expected us to win. We were like underdogs and everyone used to say just go and give your best shot. “About 2011 world cup he said, “2011 was huge because it was in India and no team had won a world cup in their own country. Everyone wanted India to win the and with the media hype what it was 1983 to what it was in 2011, chalk and cheese, so the pressure on the boys was massive. To pull it off in that style, the way MS finished it unbelievable”.
Check out the interview
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