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Have you ever sprayed deodorant right after coming out of the shower?
Well, then this article is for you.
In these scorching summers, no one wants to smell bad and get a sweat patch on their shirts. To our surprise we all have been applying the deodorant in a wrong way. You must have used it after coming out of the shower or whenever you get sweat patches.
TV doc Dawn Harper, of Embarrassing Bodies fame, revealed that for the best results we should be spraying at night, just before bed!
She said that the deodorant must be applied before going to bed to allow it dry fully. It should be left overnight and the leftover residue should be washed off with soap and water.
She advised, “Well that's our morning routine turned on its head - and don't even think about spraying straight after a shower, as your pits may still be damp.” The lady further asked the readers to use Perspirex for drying the skin completely.
Dr. Dawn also recommended using a hair dryer on the pits. Really! The hair dryer could be used to dry the antiperspirant. For this, the dryer could be set on the cool mode.
Lastly, it should be made sure that the deodorant is actually an antiperspirant one. Most of the sprays are designed to control the foul smell and not the sweat. It is advised to choose your spray wisely.
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