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Going to the gym is like a struggle. At times we think we should hit the gym and after few days the thought comes to our mind that why we are heading to the gym. And if you are the one who is planning to hit the gym, then this story is for you because you can relate to every single illustration. The man who is behind the Oatmeal comics, Matthew Inman has made people laugh with his funny illustrations.
This time he has done a series ‘At the Gym’ which talks about how people look to each other in a gym. Matthew has told the story in a hilarious way.
Check out the illustrations
#1 Story of a fat guy in the gym
#2 Even the normal guy has a different perspective.
#3 Every lean guy in the gym thinks like this in the gym.
#4 The meaty guy thinks that he lacks when it comes to having intellectual conversation
#5 The clever guy has a whole different story going in mind.
#6 And this what comes in the mind!
#7 The story is different on the other side
#8 Hahahahaha this is the funniest one
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