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Fashion is not just about acquiring the big labels. It is about how you manage to look good even at your lowest budget. Being a desi Indian girl means you have definitely tried these hacks in your daily life once.
You are desi Indian girl if you have straightened your hair using an iron instead of straightener because why not? You cannot deny the fact that you have stack of all the hacks stored in the corner of your mind. Your mother has been the origin of half the hacks.
Let us take a journey down the memory lane and try to remember the hacks that have been with us when no one was.
For getting a cool funky look, oversized shirts and t-shirts have been our favorite options and guess where do we manage to get these from? None other than our father, brother, and boyfriends.
Using an under eye cream in case of puffy eyes has been the last option because the first has always been the cold spoon and the second one was the dried tea bags.
Getting your hair curled using a curling iron was never an option. Indian moms have given us a major hack of curling hair by making braids and keeping them overnight. Single braid for wavy hair and multiple braids for curly hair has always been the best resort.
Wearing a dress in three different manners is what has been your true power. Are you really a desi girl if you haven’t tucked your dress under a skirt?
Wearing bodycon skirts as a bandeau, swimsuits as party dresses and your dupatta as a sarong is all a part of your artistic fashionista.
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