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Every relationship goes through many stages and has its time. In the beginning every relationship seems different than others. Every meeting will give you butterflies in stomach, every initial thing that you do together will make you feel magical. But as the time passes the relationship loses its charm.
You do not feel the same way as you used to earlier. A real relationship is not just happy things and moments but it also sees difficult and dull times. One should also understand how to handle all the difficult times. If you really want a long lasting relationship you should also know about these hard truths about a relationship.
1. Romance fades with time. In the initials days and months your relationship was appealing but as you compare it with the present time, you see how the romance has all gone away.
2. With time you start focusing on each other’s mistakes. In the initial days, you both find the other person absolutely flawless but as the time passes you tend to point out just the mistakes of your partner.
3. Your partner might not always be in the mood. At the beginning of a relationship, you both find each other ever ready to get intimate but in the later period, one of the two persons is not in a mood to get intimate or cozy.
4. You stop clearing your issues. In the later years, you tend to stay quiet rather than discussing the issues. Ignoring and silence will only create more problems in the relationship.
5. A relationship doesn’t always mean love. A relationship requires friendship and companionship both. If you expect the relationship to run just on love then you might not be right.
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