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If you are a 90s kid, then you can relate to every single point in this story because the struggle at that time was real. Kids in this generation have no idea what we had to deal with in the 90s. Nowadays kids rarely give any attention to any technological advancement as they know that it’s quite common. We often usually wonder, how things would be for them if they faced the daily struggles we used to deal with but they’ve never encountered.
To all the 90s kid out there brace yourself because these struggles will be like a throwback to you.
#1 When texting was not that easy and the struggle was real but we became pro at it.
#2 When pockets of jeans were used to put different devices.
#3 When having music collection was all about naming the CDs and arranging the collection.
#4 Nowadays kids will not understand what it was like to click pictures.
#5 No one will understand the struggle of rolling down the window of cars.
#6 When phone memory was low and we had delete messages or else you will not receive the message.
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