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Ever since the trailer of the movie Race 3 came out, it has become difficult for the people to calm themselves. The trailer showed Daisy Shah delivering the “best ever” kind of a dialogue and the actress became more famous than she could possibly be because of the movie.
Race 3, is the sequel of the movie Race 1 and Race 2 which featured Saif Ali Khan, Akshay Khanna and John Abrahim. It would be completely safe to say that with every new sequel of the movie, the movie losses its logic and sense unless it’s a Sajid Khan movie which lacks sense from the first part itself.
The movie has gained so many trolls and tweets that if you scroll through your social media feed you’ll come across some really hilarious and bone tickling jokes and memes on Salman Khan aka Bhaijaan. The movie shows the actors and actresses flying during a fight scene and some other senseless depictions.
Why not take a break from your busy schedule and give yourself a good dose of laughter?
Salman has always been in the headlines because of his black buck case and also his car accident case and this is the reason why his flying scene in the movie has been connected with his real-life crime scenes.
An action scene on road was too mainstream for bhaijaan, so he chose to fly in his movie.
These tweets show how the audiences have been tortured in the theatres for 3 hours. As the movie proceeds, the logic and script seem to get faded too.
This was the reaction of most of the crowd who went to watch their dear Bhaijaan and came back disappointed. Not just disappointed, they might soon experience mental illness.
When everyone was trolling the movie and its dialogues, Mumbai Police also gave an important message with Daisy Shah's dialogue meme.
When its Salman Khan, people wait like crazy for the movie to release. But as soon as they entered the movie hall, they were traumatized so badly that they had to post such memes. I guess this must have been the exact expression of the person who tweeted this.
This meme is one of my favorites, lol! The director surely must have forgotten about Sir Newton's theory.
The scene looks so real, lol! The actresses have been shown almost flying while fighting.
As Bhai said,"Who needs an enemy when they have a family?"Family Drama+Fast & Furious= Race 3
With all the trolls and memes the movie made the highest collection from the other two parts within the first week of its release. No doubt, the actor has a massive fan following and no matter which movie he acts in, the movie still would be a blockbuster.
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