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Junk food can be your worst enemy when you are trying to reduce weight. We all have experienced that daily lupper (between lunch and supper) time craving which ends up in having caffeine and salt. Craving is not limited to just a few people but all of us pass through this same phase in a day.
Craving is different from hunger. Hunger goes off with the intake of normal diet but craving is that intense urge of eating up certain food which you fail to resist. We all face that sudden want to eat chocolates and donuts. And people tend to mix their wants with their needs. Our craving is what we want but daily meals are what we need.
Here are some tips to curb your craving. Read Carefully.
1. Drink water
sometimes thirst is mistaken as hunger and instead of quenching our thirst, we overeat. Next time whenever you feel that crave try to drink water first.
2. Don’t stay hungry for long
Avoid staying hungry for long. Staying hungry for long can increase the chances of craving. Keep some light food handy and eat at small intervals. This will help you in curbing your craving.
3. Get enough sleep
If you are sleep deprived then chances are high that you will face hunger problems. This might take the shape of obesity too. Regular 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary for a balanced body.
4. Do not visit supermarkets when hungry
Whenever you are hungry and you visit a supermarket, the next thing you see is your cart full of junk stuff! Avoid visiting a supermarket when you have empty stomach.
5. Increase the intake of protein
It has been proved that if you increase the total amount of protein in your diet, you are likely to have less craving. Have a protein rich breakfast like milk products, eggs, beans and soy.
All these tips will surely help you in lowering down that craving in day and at night as well. Craving can be a cause of obesity, over eating habits and getting over weight. So try getting rid of this toxic habit as early as possible!
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