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Choosing to stay single is a way of life! It is good to have someone by your side to support you, understand you and comfort you in times of need but it is even better if that person is YOU, yourself! You will never understand the feeling of being happily single if you haven’t been in a relationship that you regretted being in.
Being in a toxic relationship is better than being in none. Relationships are supposed to be stable and are supposed to make you a better person. You will not be shocked to know that in a recent research it is found that nearly 56% of the girls prefer to stay single.
Come let us find out the reason behind the urge of being single that girls have!
1. You can wear anything
You know it becomes an obligation to dress properly in front of your boyfriend. So, girls let go of your boyfriend and dress any way you want. Wear your deep necks or short skirts without any hesitation.
2. You don’t have to share details of your whereabouts to anyone
We understand how difficult it becomes when you are at a party at midnight and you start getting messages of your boyfriend to reach home early. You don’t need to tell anyone about where you plan to go and what you want to do next.
3. No need to share food
Just like Joey we too hate sharing our food and you know how much you would hate someone who tries to lick off food from your plate.
4. Focus on future
Be single and focus on your future. People in a relationship tend to forget the main aim of their lives and get lost in just being in a relationship.
5. No commitments
Remain single and say no to commitments. Why do you want to get yourself restricted just a single person which is not even perfect for you?
6. Because you can!
People think girls like to be in a relationship because they can’t be on their own for long. But girls, shut every mouth that says that you need someone to depend on!
7. Who will get waxed every second weekend?
We all have been here. We know how hectic it becomes for the girls to get themselves waxed for their boyfriend. No boyfriend, no tension!
8. Your top priority is not being a girlfriend or wife!
Being someone else’s girlfriend or wife should not be anyone’s priority. A single woman is strong enough to survive and enjoy her life in a way that no boyfriend can give her.
So, now that you know all the reasons why girls prefer being single, what are you waiting for? Bid that boy farewell and get, set, go…!
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