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My Father, My Hero! 17TH June is celebrated as Father’s Day every year.
Father is that person who keeps his family first in every situation. Father is that person who never lets down his family. Father is his daughter’s first love and his son’s first hero! Being a father is not an easy task. Continuous pressure of being a role model to his children, juggling up with all the work pressures, struggling with all-time financial stress is what it takes to be a father.
Presence of a father is as important as a mother. If a mother sacrifices her sleep for you, then a father sacrifices his leisure for you. A mother stays at home taking care of the family but the father keeps away from home to make his family enjoy everything they wish for.
You know whom to look up at the times of financial crisis. You know whom to look up at when you want some pocket money. From saving you from your mother’s rage to cooking food for you when your mother is ill. From dressing you up for school to signing that teacher’s note in the school diary without letting mom know about it, he has been there every time.
When our father can do so much for us, why can’t we make some days special for him too?So, this father’s day let us all plan out some little surprises for our ‘Papa’.
1. Prepare his favorite breakfast yourself.
Cook dishes that your father like the most. Prepare him his favorite food recipes and you will be glad to see your Papa appreciating your efforts.
2. Take away all his work for a day.
Make your father feel relaxed and make him do all his favorite activities. If your father is fond of old songs, play some good numbers for him. Manage all his household work for a day and then you will feel thankful to him for being in your lives.
3. Write a letter or make him a greeting card.
Let your father know how much you appreciate him for being there. Write away all that you never said to him. A handwritten note is something that will beat all the expensive gifts.
4. Gift him a shirt or tie that he always wanted but did not buy.
Use your pocket money or a part of your salary to buy your father a shirt or tie that he has always wanted but didn’t buy because we all know fathers don’t like to spend money on them.
5. Spend time together.
End the day with spending time with your father and family together. You will see how your father opens up with the stories of his time. With his busy schedule, spending time together really becomes rare. So, make the most of this time.
So, now that you know how to make this day a special one, do not waste time anymore and prepare for it!
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