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Women have always been a subject of debate in the society, be it in the times of gender equality or the way they dress. If we talk about opinions then women are not even considered eligible to give opinions. It is only men who take decisions of their lives and that of women too. A girl hanging out with her male friends or even if she partying just with her girlfriends is something that the society will never digest. Why is so difficult for people to understand a simple term, EQUALITY! Here are a few misconceptions that are held by our society.
1. If you have a boyfriend it is because you want him to spend money on your luxuries.
This is the most common misconception that people hold when they get to know about a girl having a boyfriend. We! the girls have enough caliber to earn for ourselves.
2. Asking for freedom and independence because we want to misuse it.
NO! It doesn’t mean that we want it just to misuse our freedom. No one knows our good and bad better than us. So, let us decide how we want to make our freedom useful for us.
3. A woman wearing dark lipstick shade is termed as slut.
No color of lipstick or anything for that matter gives right to the society to call a woman slut!
4. A woman driving a car naturally falls under the category of a Bad Driver.
What?! Really? Have you never seen a man involved in accidents? There are more accidents caused by men than by women.
5. There is a hidden Yes in our No.
No! This simply means no. If a woman is saying no then learn to respect her decision and DO NOT assume it as a yes.
These are some misconceptions that men and society keep in mind when they look at women. God knows what good have these misconceptions done to mankind! It will be better for all if the society keeps these misconceptions just to themselves!
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