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Eid is here and the auspicious festival is one of the most celebrated festivals for Muslims. They enjoy this festival with their friends and family. This is the time when they go to meet their relatives and eat delicious food and if you are the younger one in the family, you also get gifts. If you have a Muslim friend you might have noticed that they are the ones who are asked weird questions.
So today we will let you what things Muslim friends are tired of hearing.
This is the most common question that people usually ask them that how is it possible that you are a veg being a Muslim? Take a break, it’s their choice whether they want to eat veg or non-veg.
Sorry, but do we have certain characteristics in the dictionary that defines the way how a Muslim should look?
The answers is no at times because few of them don’t know because they are not taught or might be they are not interested.
How can you ask this question? Do you think that the very first thing they are taught when they are born is how to cook Biryani?
Yes, she is not the one who prefers Burkha because it’s her choice what to wear and what not to wear.
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