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Having good friends in life is like a blessing but God is not fair with everyone so we have few friends that are irritating. It’s not like, they are bad or we don’t have a connection with such friends but the irritating factor among them is quite high. So today we have decided to let you know about types of irritating friends that piss you off.
Let’s check out the list
1) The friend who lives for drama
These are kind of friends who exaggerate things and makes a normal point so dramatic that you feel like banging your head on the wall.
2) The friend who thinks that he/she is always right
Friends who think that other people around them are fools and he/she is the only one who is right
3) The clingy friend
That friend who is always on the lookout for the favor. From asking keys of bike for personal things to asking for money at the end of the month.
4) The emotional friend
They are the ones who will always have a sad story of life to share and the sad story is only about breaking up with boyfriend/girlfriend.
5) The dicey friend
They are the ones who are responsible for every plan that is canceled because they are always dicey about their decisions.
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Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar

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