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This story is about every employee who is working in a 9 to 5 job. Though working in a corporate is fun but at times things get monotonous and employees come up with witty and funny excuses to avoid working. So today we have decided to let you know about those funny common excuses employees give in a 9 to 5 job.
Let’s check out the list of excuses
#1 Bina chai k kaam nahi hota yaar
The only thing that stops an employee from starting the work is a cup of tea. Most of the employees give this excuse that they cannot work without a cup of tea.
#2 Arey yaar bhukh lagi hai kuch khane ko do tab kaam hoga
And then comes the list of employees who cannot work without having some daily snacks in the earning.
#3 Pata nahi mera net kyun nahi chal raha aaj
When the whole office is busy working on their desktop, there comes an employee who gives the excuse that net is not working and when the IT guy checks, surprisingly the net starts working.
#4 Yaar itni garmi hai, ye AC toh kaam hi nahi karta
These are kind of employees who live in a 1 bhk flat with a cooler and when they arrive at the office, they pretend that survival is impossible without AC.
#5 Aaj meri bf se ladai ho gayi bilkul mun nahi hai kaam karne ka
In every office, you can find someone who will give this excuse.
#6 Arey meri bandi ko bas ladna hota hai, mood kharab karke rakha hai
Same goes for the male employees who come up with such excuses.
#7 Mausam kitna badiya hai, dil nahi kar raha kaam karne ka
These are the kind of employees who only wait for the rainy season so that they can come with such excuse.
#8 Office party karte hai thoda mood fresh hoga phir kaam karenge
The kind of employees who always want to have an office party and give this excuse.
#9 Aaj traffic mein phans gaya yaar adhe ghante, ab dil nahi kar raha kaam karne ka
The employees who commute to an office with their bike or car have this excuse on their list as a bookmark.
Author - Amit Singh Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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